What's This Site All About?

Have you ever asked yourself...

How can I be most effective in ministry?

Does my marriage impact my message?

How can I have a Godly marriage?

How do I share the Word of God so that lives are changed?

How can I raise Godly children?

How can I become the leader people want to listen to?

How can I be a man or woman of God so that my life radiates the love of Christ?

If you have, then you are in the right place.

Here's What To Expect

Proven actionable steps that will show you how to live, love and make your life count.

I believe that we were not made to be average or maintain the status quo while living the Christian life or while sharing with others the most incredible story in all history.  In order for our message to stand out in the minds of our listeners, we must strive to see 4 things, so that how we live does not get in the way of what we are saying:

First, we must live Godly lives that radiate the love of Christ and are filled with the fruits of the Spirit. 

Second, our marriages must be the example to all those around us - Godly, loving, strong, dynamic, honoring and passionate.  

Third, our children must be followers of Christ.

Fourth, when we tell God's story, people should be transfixed, excited and spellbound, never able to forget the truths that will change their lives.


Though none of us will ever live perfect lives, have trouble free marriages or raise perfect children, there are simple and clear steps that we can follow that will set us apart in society.  If we follow the teaching of Scripture, and remain humbly dependent upon God, He has given us the roadmap to live powerfully in each of these areas.


Here are the steps that I encourage every student to take.

  1. Gain a clear understanding of what God calls us to do in His Word.
  2. Boldly evaluate your life, marriage and family to assess how each one aligns with God’s direction.
  3. Do the hard work to take the steps necessary to change what is not right.
  4. Watch as your life, marriage and family give your ministry new vibrancy.
  5. Speak the truth of God’s Word with renewed passion.


About Renewal International

Renewal International inspires visionary leaders to more effectively live, share, and demonstrate the life of Christ.


Our goal is to train 1,000,000 pastors, teachers, chaplains, and leaders worldwide to be more effective in their ministry.  We focus on those who have little or no education and few financial resources. Our initial focus is to help men and women live Godly lives, have Godly marriages, raise Godly children, and powerfully share the message of Christ with all who surround them.  We believe that through every leader we train, the lives of tens of thousands will be impacted and changed.

About Dr. Vance

I watched my parents, who were married for 57 years, live a marriage that most only dream of.  They were dedicated to the Lord, lived out their faith each day, and were the same people behind closed doors as they were when speaking to thousands.  At the age of 4, I joined my parents on stage as they spoke.  At 12, I began writing and giving my own presentations.  At 15, I was speaking to audiences across the United States and Mexico. 

My mother - an international speaker, best selling author and radio/television personality - trained me to teach and speak in a way that captivated audiences.  Though she is no longer alive, her passion and work ethic continue to impact me. 

My father - a Marine Corp officer and a lawyer, showed me what it was to be a loving and strong husband who honored his wife and made it possible for her to minister to millions.  He also taught me how to be a great dad.

Over the years, as I ran my own business, God opened the doors to share His message on television and radio, in the universities and seminaries of China, and churches and schools across the United States, India, Romania, Mexico, and many more.  Those experiences led to mentoring leaders, training future leaders, and writing a best seller.

Now, I work full time training pastors internationally.  My wife of 35 years is an attorney and I have three incredible children and a son-in-law who works with me at Renewal International.  

When I teach, I bring the truth of God’s Word and two generations of marriage, child raising, and speaking experience to each audience showing them what it takes to walk a life that honors God, have a Godly marriage, raise Godly children, and present God's truth to people in a way that captivates.


Here's What People Are Saying


"Seldom does a Senior Pastor entrust his teaching time to others outside of his church, but Dr. Hardisty is one of those grand exceptions."

Ray Schwartz, Senior Pastor

"Vance Hardisty is one of the most gifted teachers/communicators I know."

Sean Blomquist, Senior Pastor

“Thank you, ... your speech was exactly what was needed to make the event come alive."

JoAnne Yamamoto, Hawaii National Guard

"He is intelligent, intense, engaging, catalytic, modest and approachable."

Doug Stevens, Director, The Renewal Project

"Vance is a visionary and a vivid and articulate communicator who has a passion for challenging people to accomplish the extraordinary ..."

Arend J. ten Pas, Teacher, Berean High School

 "There are few people who can marry passion with articulate and persuasive communication as well as Dr. Vance Hardisty. He takes his audiences on a journey where time passes fast and people are left wanting more.

Jeff Reed, Senior Pastor

 "Vance is a dynamic speaker.  Hearing him, people have a lot of fun and leave feeling good."

Mike Lafferty, Principle, Jiloa Consulting

"Vance is a man who lives for Jesus Christ, has a deep understanding of God's word, and has the gift of communicating it effectively."

Don Faul, Managing Partner, Mercer & Putney

"The series was so well received that he was asked back to teach it again the following year as the key note speaker.

Dr. Randall Andersen, Senior Pastor

"With passion, compassion, creativity, and humor Vance imparts fresh insight into God's Word in a way that transforms lives."

Dr. Larry Walkemeyer, Senior Pastor


Do you want to be a powerful effective preacher and teacher?

"Here are the things you need to do so that people will remember you for years... I guarantee It."  Dr. Vance Hardisty

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